PrecisionGx helps health insurers recover more at lower costs with automated claims intelligence

PrecisionGx is an artificial intelligence technology company focused on increasing recoveries, reducing costs, and creating efficiencies for our healthcare clients at levels not previously possible. Built natively on and for health insurance claims data, our AI engine was developed and adapted specifically to solve healthcare’s costliest and most complex problems.

Claims processing and payment operations are complicated and error-prone, and with heavy reliance on human involvement and maintenance the leading payment integrity and recovery vendors are expensive and inefficient. Healthcare wastes over $1T every year, and we say it’s time for a change. Having analyzed 100B patient data points in 2019 and over $70B in paid claims, our engine thrives in complexity. By leveraging our claims engine insurers are realizing a greater than 50% reduction in vendor fees, 29% increase in recoverable opportunities identified and 30% reduction in unnecessary audits, bringing tens of millions of dollars in potential recoveries back in-house and millions more in administrative savings every year.

To stay competitive payers need to adopt early and implement next-generation, learning solutions capable of adapting to an evolving market. Working with national health systems, regional BCBS plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, and payment integrity, recovery and risk adjustment vendors in all 50 states and internationally, we offer AI-driven solutions that deliver high precision results with industry defining speed to recovery.